1 in 77 Bllion

1 in 77 Billion

What does 1 in 77 Billion mean? 

I recently took a very educational class on values and strengths.  During this class, we were asked to take a very unique personality test.  This test is not like most other psychological tests many have completed either at school or at work.  It was different and I will explain why.  Most tests show you what strong personality characteristics you have but then they follow it up with all of the things you are not good at.  It points out all of your weaknesses.  Many have been taught to focus on your weak areas so that you can improve them and become better.

Where those tests have missed it is that people skim through the strengths but then focus on the weakness.  They remember all of the things they are NOT.  Now, I’m going to very honest… that has NEVER helped me.  I already knew I needed improvement there… it was no surprise to me, just like most other people.  We don’t need a report to remind us.

The test I took was different.  It accesses people’s strengths and places it under the companies 34 personality characteristics.  There are many “other” personality characteristics of course, but they have chosen the strongest to measure.  The report gives you your top 5 personality characteristics.  It selects just 5 because most people have 8 to 10 really strong personality characteristics, but to keep it even over everyone, it provides just the 5.

Now, as I did more research, I found something very amazing that proved something huge for me.  If the average person has 8 strong personality characteristics (we will go with a conservative number), and each person has their own unique set of 8 different characteristics, the CHANCES OF ANOTHER PERSON BEING THE SAME AS YOU ARE 1 IN 77 BILLION!

If you included every person alive today in the world and then added every person that ever lived and is now dead…. IT STILL WOULD NOT ADD UP TO 77 BILLION.

So, what does this all mean?

It means that YOU WERE MADE by the most divine CREATOR to be SOMETHING SO UNIQUE just for HIM.  He made you.  There is NO one else like you.  Nor, will there ever be someone else like you.

Those 5 strongest personality characteristics are more than just coincidences.  They are the TALENTS you were born with!  Those are the things you need to focus on!  Use those strengths!  Don’t just focus on all of the things YOU ARE NOT!  Focus on what YOU REALLY ARE.

Those talents were given to you for a reason.  Water them.  Watch them grow!  Use them for what you were put on this earth for.  Pray and God will show you!  Even if you messed up… even if you went the wrong way or direction… God can fix it and use YOU right where you are.  He does not give up on people.  People give up on Him.

So, remember that GOD MADE YOU!  No one else like you!  You are His child.  Remember that when you run into problems or tough situations.  He will show you the way out where you will come out better than when you went in!  Even if you walk through the fire… you DON’T have to smell like smoke!

Please let me pray for you and bless you!

Dear God I come before you now in the Name of Jesus Christ and I thank you for every single person reading this.  I pray that you reveal yourself to them.  If they have missed the right path, show them Lord how to get back on the right track.  I pray Father that you show them the plan that you have for them.  Show them how good that plan is.  Show them the peace, joy, and love that are in that plan and that is EASY and Light to follow you.  I pray your blessing over them.  Thank you, Lord for answering our prayers and for redeeming us!  We love you!  Amen!

Be Blessed!

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