Losing your voice final

Don’t Lose your voice

I lost my voice before.  I lost it in my previous marriage.  At that point, I no longer had my own identity and I really began second guessing my own ideas and thoughts. How did that happen?  What led me to that point? In the beginning of our relationship, I could be myself.  I could be silly.  I could laugh.  …

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Facing a Hopeless Situation?

It is not the end. It is just the beginning. God loves you. He has NOT forgotten about you. This was made for you, please watch it.  

adminFacing a Hopeless Situation?

The Truth About Sugar

If the devil had to become a food… HE WOULD BE SUGAR!!! Americans today are so focused on calories… but what we should be watching is our SUGAR intake!  The average American eats 150 pounds a year of sugar.  The majority of the sugar consumed is hidden in our processed foods.  For example, when you look at a label, usually …

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