The Truth About Sugar


If the devil had to become a food… HE WOULD BE SUGAR!!!

Americans today are so focused on calories… but what we should be watching is our SUGAR intake!  The average American eats 150 pounds a year of sugar.  The majority of the sugar consumed is hidden in our processed foods.  For example, when you look at a label, usually anything that ends with an “ose” is a sugar.

Sugar is ADDICTING!!!!!   The brain reacts to sugar the same way it reacts to cocaine! 

I honestly feel like there is so much bad information out today that we don’t know where to start so people just give up.  I have spent the last 5 years researching what is the truth and what is safe to give to my two babies. 

One of the biggest misconceptions I learned about was sugar and what it really did to the body.  I also thought that Splenda and artificial sugars were safe to consume but that was wrong as well.  Most diet companies, like Weightwatchers for example, say that you can have diet soda and it doesn’t count towards your points for the day.  Unfortunately, I have many friends that have severe health issues today because all they drank all day was diet soda, which is full of aspartame (fake sugar).  You can do the research yourself (which I encourage you to do) on scientific journals and see what it is causing in humans and animals.

Please watch this quick video that gives you a brief overview of the different types of sugar and which ones are good and bad.

Be Blessed!

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