As I sat writing to you one night, God reminded me that I did indeed have a testimony that I needed to share with you.  It was MY testimony of how this page came about. 

I had been blessed with being able to take a business class free of charge.  In this class, they discussed the use of websites today and how so many people are reaching others through them.  In my heart, something went off in me.  I was so excited.  I looked at my husband and said, “I think we’re supposed to start a website.”  He agreed with me.

The first thing you have to do is pick a domain name.  You have to do this before you can start anything else.  I honestly had no idea what to pick or what the website would even be about.  But faith is about STEPS.   God says do this… and you do it (sometimes not knowing why) and he’ll show you some more (BUT after you have done the first step).  Sometimes we need to WALK in faith (one step at a time).  So, we prayed about a domain name for about 3-4 months.

Finally, I was sitting in church one Sunday morning and I heard it in my heart.  Fightthegoodfight.com.  So I stayed real still and checked my heart again.  I felt God tell me, “fightthegoodfight.com- that is your domain name.”

I was ecstatic!!!!  I got what I had been praying about!!  He answered my prayer.  God always does! He has never failed me and He will never fail you!

Tuesday morning I received a call from a dear friend that has become like a sister to me.  She asked me how I was coming along with my website vision.  It was Perfect timing!  I explained to her what I had heard and that it was supposed to be fightthegoodfight.com.  She was excited with me and helped me check to see if it was still available to purchase.  (Domain names are like virtual real estate.  People can buy and sell them for profit.)  She got back to me and explained that it was already taken by someone and that I could pick from other domain names such as .biz or .ca.

After hearing that it was already taken, I walked over to my husband and told him that I would have to pick something else.  He could tell in my voice that I was disappointed.  But being the great man that he is… he looked at me and said, “Katie, if you heard in your heart that it’s fightthegoodfight.com- then that is what you are supposed to use. Why don’t you find out who owns it?”

He was right!  I wasn’t supposed to settle for something else because of the bad report… I knew what I had heard and I needed to be patient.  (I had waited this long, I could certainly wait some more for God’s best).  So, I made a couple of calls and did some research.  I found out who did indeed own the domain name, said a prayer, and called them.  I had to leave a message but they called me back the same day.  While I was waiting, I felt led to ask them specifically if they were going to “use” the site.  I purposely got to not ask how much they wanted to sell it to me for because I didn’t have the extra funds to buy a site.  So, when the gentleman called me back, I first asked him if he was a Christian.  He said yes. So I started from the beginning and told him everything up to the call I was now on with him.  He smiled.  He said, “You know what, I have owned this domain name for almost 14 years.  I knew I was supposed to get it but I have never used it nor did I ever get to use it personally.”  He said that when he saw that it had not been taken that he felt like he was supposed to get it and hold onto it.  Isn’t God good?  He had one of “His” people save it for us.

When I explained to the gentleman what my vision was, to help women who are hurting and help them achieve their physical goals, he was all in.  He asked me when I needed it by.  I told him 10 days.  He replied, give me 10 minutes.  Within 10 minutes, he had moved everything into my name (I had to go and update with my personal info later).  The domain fees were pre-paid for one year and he didn’t charge me a dollar.  That is a testimony on its own.  (I have a close friend that inquired about purchasing a domain from someone and they wanted to sell it to them for $3600.00.)

Praise God!  So here we were…. we knew that FighttheGoodFight.com was for God’s use… now to get to work.  My dear friend knew that I knew pretty much nothing about how to “build” one from scratch so she sowed her time and knowledge into this site.  I would tell her what I was envisioning and she would bring it to life!  She really did an amazing job!  If you ever need any assistance or know of a business that needs one created or revamped, I highly recommend her!

Now, as I share this with you, please do not think for a second that it was easy.  Being patient and not doing it myself with my own strength was very difficult.  I have always been a “do-er.”  You show me what needs to get done, and I get it done!  But with that, also comes wanting to get it done, NOW!  and Now, is not how God works.  We are not the ones that gives God time limits and when we do, we only end up hurting ourselves and our faith.  BUT, when you pray and believe that He did indeed hear you, and believe with all of your heart that He will indeed answer you, He will!  But you can’t give up after two days of “waiting!”  I also share this with you, to not brag about what I did or that MY faith did it, because it didn’t.  If I had relied on just “MY” faith, I would still be thinking about possibly doing something.  MY faith never got me nowhere. MY FATHER is the one who uses those who are willing.  And when your faith lines up with what GOD is telling you to do, wow… will you see miracles!!!!  Because I am not special.  What GOD has done for me… He will do for you!  And greater things will He do for you!

Let me pray over you.  Dear God, we come before you now in the name of Jesus Christ, and I thank you God for every single person that will read this.  I pray that you BLESS THEM abundantly every day. I pray that they wake up tomorrow knowing that they have a fresh start in You!  I pray that if there is any area of their life that they are struggling in, that you will help get them out of it as soon as possible.  I pray that you send people across their path to help them, Lord, just as you sent someone for me.

Pray this out loud over yourself.  God, open the eyes of my understanding that I may see YOU for WHO you really are.  Teach me to believe in your goodness like children do, wholeheartedly without wavering.  I ask you to break every stronghold in my life.  Bring to light what is not good in my life and show me where darkness is in my heart.  If you have already shown me, please show me again.  I ask you, Father, to REDEEM all of my mistakes.  You are a redeemer and Lord I ask you to help me.  I have messed up.  I have sinned.  Forgive me and restore me.  For you are a Good GOD, My God, and I know that you love me. Amen!

Be Blessed! 



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